Our Services

jPower8 provides full range of software development services in Java and related technologies. jPower8 provides custom software development and sw development team leasing. Where we start in the process is largely up to you, our customers. We may help all the way starting with gathering requirements up to Go Live and maintenance in production. We are not shy talking to domain experts in order to make sure we fully understand business requirements. We help our customers shape their vision, requirements and expectations by sharing our knowledge of technology. When a full featured specification is available we can commit to a fixed-time, fixed-price delivery.

We can conform to any processes native in your company when required. When the development process is up to us to establish we go always the agile way. We are using SCRUM as the tool to drive our daily proceedings. 2-3 week sprints often ended by live demo give our customers permanent insight into what's going on. You get feedback early on in the development process, you get involved in resolving any potential blocking issues, you get predictions towards the end of development.

Forms of contract

Fixed-Time Fixed-Price

  • detailed technical analysis is required
  • jPower8 provides an effort estimation, a development plan, and an offer before a contract is signed
  • agile driven development aiming at providing the customer with working bits of software and getting feedback in short regular cycles (typically 2-3 weeks)

Team Leasing

  • jPower8 provides Java development team staffed based on roles and skills required
  • jPower8 provides rates reflecting the size and duration of the contract
  • jPower8 is prepared to provide maximum flexibility to handle development peeks

Time & Material

  • jPower8 provides Java engineers with roles and skills required to become part of customer development teams
  • jPower8 provides rates reflecting the size and duration of the contract

Key properties of our team

  • Absolute loyalty to the customer
  • Fast reaction times to customer demands
  • Flexibility
  • The best quality of deliverables
  • Working software development infrastructure (development tools, issue tracking, continuous integration, project wiki, version control – we have all necessary licenses, can share our infrastructure with the customer if necessary)

Advantages of our candidates

  • Proven track-record and experience with delivery of customized software solutions
  • Knowledge and vast experience with Java application frameworks and portal solutions
  • Certifications on many Java enterprise technologies

Enterprise Java

We have vaste experience implementing enterprise level requirements and scalable solutions - web apps, web services, SSO, security, integration...

Portal Solutions

We are established as provider of portal solutions based on Liferay platform. We like Vaadin as front-end framework for writing portlets.

Mobile Applications

We have experience with development of native apps for both iOS and Android. We are also writing web apps that look great an a mobile device.

Responsive Design

We are promoting responsive design whenever it makes sense. We don't when it doesn't. It's a useful tool to achieve realistic goals, not a buzzword.