Development in Java J2SE/J2EE

ING Pojišťovna / NN Pojišťovna

jPower8 has provided experts that have participated on significant extension of a system aimed at calculating parameters of life insurance products. The system consists of an enterprise backend several front-end channel applications. The system features both online and offline communication with brokers' workstations including tablets and smartphones. We have also contributed solution designs, POCs and effort estimates to a successfull kick off the NBS project.

Technology: Java, Tomcat, Spring / Security, PDF, Oracle, H2, Maven, JBoss, GIT, AngularJS

CSOB a.s.

We have participated on implementation of a new internet banking system for retail sector. The project was implemented in partnership with Adastra s.r.o. for CSOB a.s., member of KBC Group.

Technology: JAVA J2EE, LIFERAY Portal, IBM WebSphere, Spring, AGF, Vaadin, JSP, Oracle, Hibernate, JPA, WebSeal, EA, Maven, Ant

Česka Spořitelna

We have participated on architecture design and implementation of a software solution supporting sale of loans. The project has been implemented for Česka Spořitelna, member of the Erste Group in cooperation with Adastra s.r.o..

Technology: Java 1.6, Server WebLogic 10.3, Oracle 10g, Maven2, SVN, Hibernate 3, Spring 3, JAXWS, BPMS Activos

Cognitive Security, s.r.o.

For Cognitive Security, s.r.o., we have defined architecture, created design and provided implementation of the front-end part of the CognitiveOne product. CognitiveOne is an innovative network attacks detection system.

Technology: JAVA J2EE, GWT, GWT-Ext, Smart GWT, Ext JS, JPA, Hibernate, Maven, TeamCity

Undeground8 Secure Computing GmbH

For Undeground8 Secure Computing GmbH, we have created architecture desing and prototype implementation of a web-based front-end application aimed at administration of the company's new product.

Technology: JAVA J2EE, Tapestry, Spring, Jersey, REST, Maven, TeamCity

Hutman Diagnostic AG

For Hutman Diagnostic AG, we have created the architecture, design and implementation of a diagnostic software analyzing pathogens from 1-channel 16-bit TIFF images produced by their patented diagnostic method. We have collaborated with the company from first prototypes to launch of production version of the software. Our services included implementation of advanced image processing algorithms using the MSER method and Java Advanced Imaging library.

Technology: JAVA J2SE, Swing, Maven, TeamCity

Raiffesenbank a.s.

We have participated on development of a specialized ETL tool that became the core of batch integration platform in Raiffeisenbank a.s. We have helped to deliver large number of batch data transfers scheduled on a regular basis using the ETL tool. The project has been implemented for Raiffeisenbank a.s. in cooperation with Adastra s.r.o..

Technology: Java 1.6, Swing, EJB3, PL/SQL, Maven, JBoss, RSA Crypto-J, Oracle 11g, MSSQL, MySQL, WebSphere MQ, JMS, AIX


Siemens Business Services

In cooperation with SoftDeC, s.r.o., we have participated on subcontracts (analysis, project management) for Siemens Business Services. The project was about centralized print solution based on web services. It has been implemented for a large government organization.

Technology: UML, XML, SOAP

Enviros, s.r.o.

In cooperation with SoftDeC, s.r.o., we have implemented significant extensions of several existing web applications. The project has been implemented for Enviros, s.r.o..

Technology: JPHP 5, MySQL, CSS



For McKinsey, we have prepared and delivered a customized 5 day training focused on Java. The training covered all aspects of software development in Java and came with comprehensive training material, hands on sessions, homeworks and discussions about example code.

Technology: Java, VM, Swing, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven

Underground8 Secure Computing GMbH

For Underground8 Secure Computing GMbH, we have created and delivered specialized one day training focused on Best Practices in development of a large-scale applications in GWT. The training was also focused on testing specifics in GWT applications development.

Technology: Java, GWT, Selenium, JUnit, Maven

Web Development

Barbora Polášková

For the talented young singer Barbora Polášková, we have created a web portfolio The web is fully available in Czech and English. Barbora maintains her on-line presentation on her own through an intuitive administration site.

Technology: CMS Joomla!, PHP, CSS, Flash

Technology: CMS Joomla!, PHP, CSS, Flash


For Athanor - společnost pro filmovou tvorbu, s.r.o., we have implemented a web site presenting visual arts of Jan Švankmajer, Evy Švankmajer and Jaromír Kallista. The web includes micro-sites of all Jan Švankmajer's feature films including the last movie Surviving Life. Graphic design: Silvie Vavřinová.

Technology: CMS Joomla!, PHP, CSS, Flash